Hi 👋

My name is Michael, I’m a long time record collector and owner of Aged Records ApS.

This is me searching for mint condition Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin in the field.

I started collecting everything Jack White touched back in the early 2000s and have probably one of the most complete Jack White collections outside of Third Man Records from everything from Upholsterers to Bizarro editions of Dead Weather records (and quite a lot rarer than any of this TBH).

I started Aged Records in 2021 because I had been buying a few collections recently and don’t need all the stuff I buy. So Aged Records is a way for me to sell the stuff I don’t need for myself. I believe this gives my shop an important edge compared to everybody else because I actually buy first and foremost for my own consumption. The downside is that sometimes it can be really hard to see some of the good stuff go here 😢.

I specialize in 50s-70s rock’n’roll and blues but the collections I buy usually also contain a bit of pop and sometimes artists from more recent time periods. Sometimes I also get so excited about a contemporary artist that I decide to sell there stuff on my site. 

I hunt collections everywhere I can and are always looking for tips if anybody know about somebody looking to liquidate their collection. I can even help you sell yours.

Apart from records I’m actually an engineer and PhD by training and a startup founder by day. The latest company I co-founded was Corti.ai in which I served as the CTO until I left to focus on the climate crisis in 2019 which is what I would consider my daytime job. Currently working on elby.co. Aged Records is my little passion project. Feel free to check me out on LinkedIn and Twitter which is where I’m most active.