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Various Rock’n’roll

Born on the road: Easy Rider (soundtrack)

Born on the road: Easy Rider (soundtrack)

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Record condition
Sleeve condition

Record condition: Lots of hairlines, none looking very serious though.

Sleeve condition: Worn, but working.

Shipping & Returns

We ship items within 1-3 days from reception of the order.

In case you need to return an item you will be responsible for shipping it. Refund will be issued for the item once it is received (tracking is recommended to avoid any disputes). We will not refund the shipping of the item back to us. If you want to make sure we identified the correct item and/or want to check the exact condition don’t hesitate to get in contact and we can provide pictures or similar proof.

Record Condition

What does the condition mentioned means?

I follow the so called Goldmine Standard when grading records. So if you want many details check the link. But suffice to say:

Mint: The record is still sealed in shrinkwrap and is thus in factory condition.

Near mint: The record is as close as can be to mint but it has been opened and likely played. This means the record can have a couple of hairlines but they must have no effect on playback.

Very Good +: The record is almost near mint but not quite there. This means more hairlines or other very minor imperfections. If there’s an audible impact I will note it and it must be extremely minor.

Very good: Let’s be honest. It’s in great shape, but not flawless. There might be some noise in silent parts of tracks as well as other imperfections

Good: It plays through and you can hear the tracks. But don’t expect much else.

Sleeve condition

What does the condition mentioned means?

I follow the so called Goldmine Standard when grading records. So if you want many details check the link. But suffice to say:

Mint: Sleeve still in shrinkwrap.

Near mint: The sleeve looks as if it just came out of the shrinkwrap. Perhaps with some very minor imperfections.

Very good +: The sleeve has a few imperfections or 1 larger imperfection.

Very good: Let’s face it some of this stuff is from cardboard made in the 50s not all can be shiny and great. Very good is that category. There might be obvious ringwear, tears or stickers on it.

Good: It’s a sleeve, the record fits in it and you can see what band it is.

Generic: No outersleeve provided. I rarely sell records with a generic sleeve.

More details

If you’re looking to find out the exact version of this record we also have a store on Discogs. Prices are the same (but on Discogs they take a larger cut so if possible buy it from this store 🙏).

You’re always welcome to reach out if you want more details on a product. I’m always happy to provide extra details and pictures of records.

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Our promise

Any record over 75 DKK will be playtested as well as professionally cleaned in our Pro-Ject VC2-ALU record cleaner. All records will be packaged bulletproof with bubblewrap and the record stored outside the sleeve in a MoFi innersleeve. The sleeve itself will be in a regular plastic sleeve. In addition, we will always send you the tracking number for the package as soon as we have it.